Your 2020 life has just brought you to Connecticut. You and your family are now transplants from another state, and you are excited to embrace the Connecticut way of life. You are probably wondering how to “connect” in Connecticut with your new city, your new neighborhood, and your new neighbors. Today, we will talk about 8 local’s tips for moving to Connecticut in 2020 to help you and your family become one of the locals, a resident “Connecticuter.”

Offline Social Welcoming

It seems almost everyone lives their lives online these days with the plethora of social media platforms around. However, several towns in Connecticut have what they call a “newcomer’s club.” These types of clubs or social groups, you guessed it, welcome newcomers such as you and your family. Check with your town’s website to see if they have a newcomer’s club, you may find that they may organize special events that cater to the whole family, so you and your family can meet your new neighbors.

Breaking Ice

Perhaps you have already attended an event hosted by your new town’s newcomer’s club, but are looking to continue breaking the ice with your new friends and neighbors. Our next tip is to throw a party or gathering at home. A cocktail party, or perhaps brunch, would be a great way and a good reason to invite your new friends and neighbors to your new Connecticut home.


So, perhaps someone at your party suggested that you and/or your children should sign up to join a local sports group. Our next tip is joining a local sports group, which is another excellent way to meet and get acquainted with new friends and the area, all while getting your exercise in.

Close-Knit Community

Whatever town you moved to in Connecticut, you will find that once you have become acquainted with your new friends and neighbors, they will become your extended family. This means that everyone in the neighborhood or community will help each other, which also means you must reciprocate.

6 Degrees of Separation

So maybe by now you and your family have gotten close to a handful of friends and neighbors. Perhaps you are wondering if someone you know might have also moved to Connecticut. Reach out to your new friends and neighbors and ask if they know anyone who came from your city and state. There might be a chance that someone in your new group of friends in CT will recognize someone you know, even if you are separated by 6 degrees.

Children at Play

Our next tip involves visiting your new town’s playgrounds, which will be fun for you and your children. One local Connecticuter states that they have been in CT for quite some time but found that their closest friends were other moms they met at their local town’s playground. Today, her, the other moms, and their children meet several times a week to catch up on local news while the kids run out and play.

Try bonding with other parents over playdates.


Connecticuters are total snobs when it comes to seafood and with good reason. The state is known for having a bountiful and rich coastline, which is why Connecticuters know their seafood. So don’t buy something frozen from the grocery store’s fridge, buy local and fresh so you won’t be snubbed when you throw another gathering at home.


Our last tip brings us to apizza. No, it’s not misspelled. Apizza is a local lingo for New-Haven style pizza. It is a thin crust pizza loved by the locals. So you must try an apizza if you want to become a local Connecticuter.


These are the top 8 local’s tips for moving to Connecticut in 2020. Check out this guide and follow these tips so you and your family can become an aspiring Connecticuter and soon become one of your town’s locals. Welcome to Connecticut.